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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, relationship milestone or major life change, creating your personal party invitations is a superb way to incorporate an even more personal touch. Not just do you obtain more freedom over the style, however it feels all the more special for guests for an invitation that has been personally produced by hand (or computer!) by you. Below, we explain the invitation etiquette needed for your following event and offer you some design tips along the way.

While invitations have been with us for quite a while, in the current age where you can send an invitation over text, email, Facebook and the mail, it’s hard to navigate the etiquette necessary for several types of events.

And, when it comes to designing your own personal invitations, there are certainly a few key considerations to help keep in mind. From weddings and baby showers to housewarming parties to intimate dinner soirees, each form of party comes using its own unique group of invitation etiquette. To make certain your guests are clear about what to expect from your event, it’s crucial that you factor this invitation etiquette into not merely the text but also the design.

Here, we explain the invitation etiquette for common kinds of parties, and ways to incorporate these into your designs. But, first thing’s first: Invitation wording.

How do you write a party invitation?
When writing an invitation for any kind of event, it’s important to make the event details as clear and simple as possible. Essential information to add in your invitation:

The date and time of one’s event
The address of the function
What time guests are expected to reach
The dress code
What guests are expected to bring
The date and contact details guests should RSVP to
Invitation wording
When it comes to how you should word your invitation, it’s important to consider the tone you want your invitation to convey.

Tone may be defined as, “the overall character or attitude of a location, bit of writing, situation.” If, for example, you are creating an invitation for the wedding, it’s likely that the wording you utilize will undoubtedly be slightly more formal than that of one’s intimate house-warming party.

Another factor to think about is how your invitation wording reflects your personality. If you’re keeping your event casual, playful and relaxed, it’s best to keep your invitation wording in theme.

Whatever voice and tone you choose for your invitation you wish to make certain that the important event information remains communicated clearly.

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